Listen up gorgeous, May Aesthetics is ready to take your skin game to the next level!

We're talking anti-wrinkle injections that'll have you looking like you just stepped off a time machine, laser services that'll give you a new lease on life, RF microneedling that'll leave your skin looking like a million bucks, VI peels that'll make your skin look like it's been kissed by the sun. 

And that's only scratching the surface! Take a look below for our signature packages, designed to cater to your individual skin needs and goals. 


Are you tired of struggling with your weight, feeling less than your best, and searching for a sustainable way to regain control of your health and wellness?

✔ Free Initial Consultation.
✔ One time Medical Evaluation fee $100
✔ Monthly  (semaglutide or tirzepatide) flat fee!
✔ Monthly webinars with a registered dietician
✔ Monthly recipe books
✔ Weekly check-ins
✔ Monthly appointments (virtual or in-person) to track progress

Wellness with May

Weight loss and overall health




Our specialized approach involves two essential methods designed to address your unique needs:

BioTE- Pre Pellet Insertion Lab Draw:

This initial appointment focuses on the crucial step of lab draws before BioTE pellet insertion. A deposit covers all associated lab work fees. While pellet insertion is scheduled during this appointment, it is essential to note that the procedure cannot proceed until all lab work is meticulously reviewed alongside your corresponding health history. We understand the significance of this preparatory phase in ensuring a personalized and effective BioTE experience.

BioTE Lab Review/Pellet Insertion:
Biote Lab Draw MUST be completed prior to this appointment. This follow-up session is dedicated to reviewing your lab results, conducting a comprehensive health history assessment, and finalizing the BioTE pellet insertion. We recognize the challenges you may be facing, and this appointment provides the necessary time for a thorough examination and understanding of your individual health context before moving forward with the pellet insertion.



The Aerolase Neo Elite Laser: Prioritizes safety and inclusivity, offering painless hair removal and addressing skin concerns without harming nearby tissues. Its precise targeting of melanin and hemoglobin makes it suitable for various skin types and treatments.

Erbium Yag Laser Treatment:
A skin resurfacing procedure that uses a specialized laser to address wrinkles, scars, and other skin imperfections. It works by removing layers of damaged skin with precision, promoting collagen production and resulting in smoother, rejuvenated skin.

IPL: Involves the use of broad-spectrum light pulses to target various skin concerns such as sun damage, age spots, acne scars, and vascular lesions. By selectively heating and destroying specific targets in the skin, IPL stimulates collagen production and promotes a smoother, more even skin tone over a series of sessions, resulting in rejuvenated and refreshed skin appearance.



Injectables (Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin): Smooth away worry lines, restoring a serene complexion that conceals the marks of restless nights and stressful days, empowering you to present your natural beauty to the world without visible signs of strain.

Dermal Fillers (Restylane): Delicately replenish lost volume, revitalizing your appearance and reversing the effects of time's wear and tear, enabling you to face the world with a renewed sense of resilience and fullness.

Biostimulators (Sculptra and Radiesse): Invigorate skin by prompting collagen production and enhancing firmness, offering a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation that embraces the journey of aging.



Microneedling: Initiates controlled micro-injuries, triggering the skin's innate healing mechanisms to boost collagen and elastin synthesis, effectively targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, resulting in holistic skin rejuvenation.

The VI Peel:
Rejuvenates the skin by eliminating the tired and lackluster outer layer, purifying pores of surplus oil and debris, encouraging melanin-regulating cells to lighten, fostering collagen generation, and managing hyperpigmentation, acne, sunspots, wrinkles, uneven texture, and reducing pore size.

Pixel8-RF: Delivers controlled heat deep into the dermis, stimulating collagen production and improving skin texture. Its non-invasive nature and ability to target specific areas make it a popular choice for individuals seeking skin tightening and contouring treatments without surgery.



SaltFacial: A comprehensive three-step process - Restore, replenish, and rejuvenate - that boosts blood circulation, diminishes redness and inflammation, stimulates collagen production, and fostering enduring skin vitality.

LED Light Therapy: Utilizes non-invasive light wavelengths, clinically validated for acne and wrinkle management, hastening cellular regeneration and diminishing inflammation. 



Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (PRP): Utilizes the body's inherent healing capabilities to address hair thinning. In this process, a small blood sample from the patient is drawn and processed to concentrate platelets, abundant in growth factors. Injected into the scalp, these growth factors activate hair follicles, encouraging collagen synthesis and fostering an optimal environment for hair rejuvenation. PRP provides a personalized, natural solution for individuals aiming to restore a healthier and revitalized crown, harnessing the regenerative potential within the body.



Your magic skincare fix won't be found in flashy labels or trendy packaging. It's in the science-backed precision and effectiveness that only medical-grade skincare provides.

Our favorite brands like skinbetter science, Alastin, Face Reality, and Neocutis—understand the real needs of your skin. They deliver results that go beyond expectations, meeting your skin exactly where it is and take it where it wants to go.

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